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The Queen's College Library : 24 hr working

A guide to using the facilities and resources available in the Library of the Queen's College, Oxford.

Personal safety

If you are coming in after midnight you are advised to bring a mobile phone with you and/or tell someone where you are going.

Do not leave valuables unattended at any time.


If you require first aid, the first point of call is the enquiries desk in the New Library. If the Library is unstaffed please contact the Lodge yourself or ask someone else to contact the Lodge on your behalf.

The emergency intercom is just inside the main entrance and connects directly with the Lodge staff 24 hrs a day. Press the button to speak to the Lodge or Night Porter.  

Familiarise yourself with the fire exits and if you hear the fire alarm, evacuate the building immediately. Do not stop to collect your belongings.


Clear desk policy

Clearing takes place between 9:00am – 9:30am and 5:00pm – 5:30pm every day when the Library is staffed. Clearing takes place throughout the entire Library.

If you are not actively working at your desk during these times your belongings will be cleared. Books, laptops and papers will be placed in the nearest black crate, or windowsill in the Upper Library.  Any Queen’s books will be taken back to the Enquiry Desk to be returned and re-shelved.

If you have a valid reason for not being at your desk during clearing you may leave your belongings but only if you will be back within the hour and you have permission from Library staff.

The Library is a working space for everyone. Please clear away your belongings so that another student can use the space if you are going to be away from the space for an extended period.

All library users are at liberty to sit at a desk which is unoccupied.



The Library will be cleaned in the early morning Monday to Friday.  Expect to be disturbed if you are working in the Library at this time. 

Access when the Library is unstaffed

You can use all parts of the Library except the Upper Library 24 hours a day. Always bring your University card with you and never let anyone else into the building using your card. 

Remember that you will not be able to retrieve papers/books left in the Upper Library once this has been closed until the Library is next staffed.

Library security

  • There is comprehensive CCTV coverage throughout the building. This is to help ensure a safe environment for both staff and library users.
  • The access system is studied each morning to investigate any book alarms that have gone off during the previous period.  Individuals might be contacted in certain instances.
  • The Porters regularly visit the Library outside staffed hours.
  • The Office area is out of bounds.