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The Queen's College Library : Library rules

A guide to using the facilities and resources available in the Library of the Queen's College, Oxford.

Library rules and regulations

  1. The Library is a place for silent independent study: please do not disturb others. If you need to talk to someone, you must leave the Library and talk to them outside. The JCR is near the Library and is a suitable place for conversation.
  2. All mobile phones must be switched to silent, and the vibrate function switched off, before entering the Library. Even silent phone use, e.g. texting, must be kept to an absolute minimum and no calls can be taken or made in the Library
  3. Personal computers and other electronic devices must have their sound switched off (or be used with headphones) and should be used for academic-related purposes only.
  4. Library computers are for academic use only. Priority should be given to those wishing to search the Library catalogue.
  5. Eating in the Library except on the blue bench in the lobby of the New Library is strictly forbidden. Plain water in spill proof bottles with lids can be taken into all areas of the Library. KeepCups as approved by the Bodleian Libraries are permitted in the New and Lower Libraries but are strictly forbidden in the Upper Library. Any other type of drink receptacle/travel mug is not permitted and will be removed if found.
  6. Only items required for academic study should be brought into the Library. Study materials may be brought into the Library in small bags or items can be transferred into clear plastic reusable bags which are available at the New Library enquiries desk. All other bags and miscellaneous items should be placed in the lockers or cloakrooms – if found in the reading rooms they will be removed.
  7. The lockers will be cleared once a week on a Monday morning during 0th – 9th weeks and should be clearly identified as in use if you are actively working in the Library at this time. The contents of all lockers which are not identified will be cleared into the crates in the New Library photocopier room or in the designated lost property space in the Lower Library. Queen’s books will be cleared and put back through the circulation system a week later, if they have not been collected.
  8. Desks that are not in active use must be cleared to make space for other readers. Items such as laptops and other electronic devices may be unplugged by the Library staff. Generally, all books and belongings whether the property of the Library or not will be removed from the tables at least twice daily in line with the clear desk policy.
  9. The multi-purpose room in the New Library can be booked for exclusive use by filling in a booking form, available at the New Library enquiries desk.  Any bookings need to be made 24 hours in advance of the required time & will be displayed on the noticeboard outside the room.  Outside of booked times the room is available for general study use and should be shared collaboratively. Headphones should be used if you wish to listen to audio files and only with the agreement of other users in the room.
  10. Items left in the Upper Library will be locked in the Upper Library when it is closed and can only be collected when the Library re-opens. Items which are deemed to be valuable may, at the discretion of the Librarian, be removed to the  shelves in the Lower Library for collection when the Upper Library is closed.
  11. The blinds in the Upper Library should be left down at all times. They are used to control the light levels in the Upper Library and to ensure the care of the collections.
  12. All Library users must familiarise themselves with the layout of the Library and should make themselves aware of the fire exits. In the event of a fire alarm all Library users must evacuate the Library immediately and make their way to the fire marshal point in back quad. 
  13. Damaging, defacing or marking of Library books in any way is strictly forbidden. This includes writing in pencil, folding page corners, and using sticky notes.
  14. All Library users must adhere to the rules and laws regarding copyright. These are clearly displayed next to the photocopier in the New Library.
  15. Access to the Library is strictly by University ‘Bod’ card only.  You must not give your card to anyone else to gain access to the Library. Users of the Library must have their University card with them at all times and show this to a member of the Library or College staff on request. 
  16. Books and other items may not be removed from the Library except when authorised using a University card, either by the self-issue system, or by a librarian. Failure of the self-issue system out of staffed hours will not be accepted as an excuse for removing items without authorisation.
  17. All books are the responsibility of the borrower to whom they are issued and remain so until they are checked back in via the authorised procedure. Library staff have the authority to spot-check books and bags at any time. You will be charged the full replacement costs of any items which are damaged beyond use, lost, or go missing whilst on loan to you.
  18. The following books are confined to the Library:
    1. All books printed before 1850
    2. All reference books
    3. All books with a red spine label
    4. All books with a red ‘Confined to Library’ stamp at the front
    5. Damaged books at the discretion of Library staff
  19. Junior members are only permitted to bring guests into the Library without advance permission from the Library staff between 12 noon and 12:45 on Saturdays in full term. You should always introduce yourself to the member of staff on duty. Outside this time permission for visits must be sought in advance from a member of the Library staff.
  20. Other members of the University who are not members of the College may not use the Library without permission from the Library staff.
  21. Occasionally there will be visits from outside readers, school groups, old members and other interested parties. Please treat visitors and prospective students with courtesy.
  22. For safety and security reasons, the Library is monitored by CCTV.