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If a database or ejournal is not yet on the History Desiderata, you can recommend an electronic resource.

How to evaluate a database

Is the content:

  • scholarly
  • authoritative & peer-reviewed
  • accurate
  • up-to-date
  • complete
  • supported by editorials, documentation, guides.

Is there good functionality for

  • ease of use
  • searching & browsing
  • viewing, zooming, resizing
  • saving, emailing, printing
  • alerts
  • clear display & navigation


  • Read editorial, helpfiles and FAQs
  • Test the same search using different methods

Is it relevant for other disciplines?

Trail until 28 Feb: Punch Historical Archive 1841-1992

This resource is the fully text searchable online archive of Punch, a celebrated magazine of humour and satire. From its early years as a campaigner for social justice to its transformation into national icon, Punch played a central role in the formation of British identity – and how the rest of the world saw the British. It is useful for the study of 19th and 20th century political and social history on key themes such as World War I and World War II; Wars and Conflicts; Colonialism, Imperialism and End of Empire; Impact of New Technology and Modernity; Public Health, Conservation and Environmentalism; Social Change; and The Role of Women. It includes approx. 7,900 issues as well as almanacks, other special numbers, prefaces, epilogues, indexes and other specially produced material from the bound volumes.

Feedback to

Trial until 15 March: ZEDHIA - historical business information from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy

This resource provides historical business information from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and its successor and partly neighbouring states. This includes the areas of modern Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and many more until 1945 and more complete information restricted to Austria afterwards. Currently it covers 1812 to 2003. The backbone of the database are the Compass yearbooks and the Zentralblatt für die Eintragungen ins Handelsregister (commercial register entries). It gives access to depth-structured, digitised, full-text resources in the fields of Central European economic history and genealogy.

The trial can be access from OxLIP+.

Feedback to by 15 March 2018.

Trials until 10 February: 3 resources on women's history

Oxford researchers are now invited to trial three online resources on the study of women's history, gender history and social history, covering British but also global history to some extent.

All resources are relevant for the 19th and 20th centuries.

They can be accessed via SOLO.

The trials will run until 10 February. Please send any feedback on the content, functionality and usefulness to your research to

When doing so, please also suggest priorities purchases and explain why. Your views matter!

Archives Direct: Women in the National Archives

Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Women: Transnational Networks

Women’s Studies Archive: Issues and Identities


The Bodleian History Librarian aims to provide a range of electronic resources to support the teaching and research of the History Faculty and primarily for British and Western European history and history of science & medicine.

Existing subscriptions are listed in SOLO and OxLIP+. If you have any difficulties connecting to a database, please contact eResources.

Oxford readers, esp. staff and students of the History Faculty, are invited to give feedback on the electronic resources desiderata list and participate in trials.

Some comments may be passed to the eresources provider if they help in improving the resource. Feedback will also be collated for discussion in the Committee of Library Provision for History which meets Tuesdays, week 5, each term.

Please note that financial information will not be disclosed at this stage though it clearly is a major factor in deciding whether a purchase / subscription will be taken. Costs can range anything from a few hundred pounds to several thousand of pounds.

Enquiries relating to eResources for countries other than British and Western European and relating to History of Art, should be directed to the relevant subject librarian.

Isabel Holowaty
Bodleian History Librarian

19 October 2012

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