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John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera for Historians: Local history

A general guide to the John Johnson Collection for Historians

Trade cards

Trade cards are a major resource for local historians, documenting tradesmen of the past and often showing premises since demolished or modified.

Searching by place

The Collection is an excellent resource for local history. 

Sections arranged (or sub-arranged) by place include Bill Headings, Education, and Postcards (not catalogued) and Note Headings (topographical), Theatre, and Trade Cards (catalogued). 

Towns Whatever the material, however, towns are indexed in our Online catalogue, whether the venues of events, places illustrated, or trade addresses.  Once you have searched by place, be sure to keep scrolling down through the index entries as we have not completed our authority work on places. You will currently find (for example) Exeter and also Exeter (England). Entries in the index are further broken down into venue (where applicable) and then by date or [s.a.] if unknown.   This avoids having too many entries against a single place.  Where this does occur, use the 'expand index' function and select the records you wish to view.

Addresses We always record addresses wherever present. These will display in the bibliographic form of the record (only) and cannot be searched in the Johnson online catalogue. For those sections included in the JISC-funded project The John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera, street names can be searched through the ProQuest site (including full text searching).

Images Trade cards, for example, often show premises. To search for this specifically in our online catalogue use the search facility. Using the scroll bar select Places and key in the town.  Using the other scroll bar, select Subjects, Trades, Products and enter premises.  Where there is a ProQuest icon instead of the image, you will need to do the search again on the ProQuest site.

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