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Bioinformatics: Theses & Dissertations

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Links for Theses and Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations On-line

Electronic Collections

A number of recent theses and dissertations prepared at Oxford are available to download from the Oxford Research Archive (ORA). The British Library provides access to UK theses through its EThOS service. Already digitised UK theses can be downloaded freely as PDF files. Requests can be made to digitise older theses, but there is a cost of around £40 and waiting time of 30 days for digitisation. The British Library no longer provides theses on microfilm.

Finding Theses and Dissertations in the Library

Physical Collections

The RSL contains physical copies of Oxford theses and MSc dissertations. These can be obtained by searching the catalogue (using SOLO) and placing a hold/stack request.Some biological sciences theses such as those from Zoology are available on the open shelves on Level 2 of the Library.

Theses from other Universities may be found by searching services such as Proquest Dissertations (US Dissertations) and Index to Theses (UK Theses).

Tips for Finding Theses at Oxford

SOLO now allows you to search for Theses in the Oxford collections very easily.

1. Navigate to the SOLO homepage.

2. Type details of the Thesis you would like to search for into the main search box.

3. Under the search box is a series of drop-down menus marked 'Refine your search'. In the first box select the the 'Theses' option.

4. Now press the 'Search' button to run your search.

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