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Document Supply

If Oxford doesn't have an article or book, get hold of it using our document supply service.

Bioinformatics Journals

There are a range of Bioinformatics journals avaialable through Oxford e-Journals and in hard copy. You can find these by searching SOLO and the OU E-journals collection.

Nucleic Acids Research

The journal 'Nucleic Acids Research (NAR)' produces an annual Database Issue. An excellent guide to available resources and current database developments. NAR has been an open-access journal since 2005 and so the current content is available for free to all.

Electronic Legal Deposit Explained (video tutorial)

Some items on SOLO are subject to restrictions and display a notice stating that  "Online access is restricted: available via Bodleian Libraries reading room PCs only". These are items which the Bodleian Libraries receive under Electronic Legal Deposit.

This video tutorial, Electronic Legal Deposit Explained looks at what Electronic Legal Deposit is, what it covers and the restrictions imposed on Electronic Legal Deposit items.   Please note that the tutorial opens in a new window.  If you prefer to read about Electronic Legal Deposit rather than watching a video please skip to the text instructions.


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