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The Bodleian Education Library houses material in the areas of the curriculum and professional development relevant to the Department’s PGCE courses. As well as a print collection of theory books and teaching resources (included selected journals), the library provides access to a wide range of online resources, including the latest research papers about education and pedagogy.

Some research material relevant to education is freely available online. This guide gives some pointers towards this information.

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Registered students

Your course reading lists are available via WebLearn (the University’s Virtual Learning Environment), with links to e-journal articles, e-books (where available) and information about the availability of printed books. You can search for additional material for your course using SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online), for print and ebooks and journal articles. For further inspiration, try Databases A-Z for subject collections of articles and other literature. Library staff are happy to help you to use these resources..
As well as the collection in the Bodleian Education Library, you also have access to the collection of the central Bodleian Library, to support your learning and research. The Bodleian Libraries is the largest library system in Europe. It is a copyright deposit library, with a right to receive a copy of everything published in this country. An automated system via SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online) allows you to request material from offiste storage to be read in the Bodleian Education Library. This material is for reference only so it cannot be borrowed.


Teachers not currently registered on a course with the Department of Education, are welcome to apply for a Bodleian readers card. This will allow you to use many of the libraries within Oxford (although not to borrow books) and to access online resources when using a library computer. For Oxford alumni there is some additional access to selected online resources. For alumni of other universities, check what is available to you.

If you are not close to Oxford, your local public library may also provide access to some academic journals online as well as an interlibrary loan scheme.

If your school is part of the Education Deanery, you may be able to apply to be your school's research champion. This allows you enhanced access to the Bodleian Libraries' online resources as well as the above access to the library buildings and reference use of the books.

There are also a great many academic sources of literature available for free online (online academic sources (free)) as well as many curriculum ideas available online (useful websites by subject)

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