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Celtic: Oxford Celtic Seminar

Oxford Celtic Seminar Hilary 2020




Thursdays in weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8

Ship Street Centre

Jesus College


NB 4.30pm (tea and biscuits) for 5pm start in weeks 2 and 6;

5pm for 5.30pm start in weeks 4 and 8.



Week 2                       Prof. em. Thomas Charles-Edwards (Jesus College and Corpus Christi): ‘When was a túath not a túath and a church not a church?’


Week 4                       Prof. Richard Sharpe (Wadham), ‘Irish poems and the Irish language in newspapers in nineteenth-century Ireland, 1815-60’ (rescheduled from MT19)


Week 6                       Dr Ali Bonner (ASNaC Dept, Cambridge), ‘The theological affiliations of the Early Churches of Britain 
and Ireland’.


Week 8                       Llewelyn Hopwood (Corpus Christi), ‘What did Wales sound like? Listening to medieval Welsh literature’


Kristyna Zoe Syrova (SJC), ‘“Let not fear attack thy shape”: emotions and shapeshifting in medieval Ireland’