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Celtic: Oxford Celtic Seminar

Oxford Celtic Seminar Hilary 2019


  Thursday 5pm,

Jesus College

Memorial Room


Tea and biscuits from 4.30pm


All are very welcome!



17th January                Dr Colleen Curran (Corpus), ‘Breton Books and Where To Find Them’


24th January                Dr Sarah Prendergast (Oxford Brookes), ‘The 1904-05 Welsh Revival: Discovering the role of Allen Raine’


31st January                Prof. Brendan Kane (University of Connecticut) andDeirdre Nic Chárthaigh (TCD) ‘Reading and researching Early Modern Irish (c. 1200-1650): a practical workshop and introduction to Lé’



7th February                NO MEETING


14th February              Felix Taylor (St Hughes), ‘Arthur Machen and the Celtic Revival’


21st February               Dr Rhiannon Marks (Cardiff), ‘Reworking old tales: the contemporary short story in Welsh’


28th February              Prof. Mary-Ann Constantine (University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies), ‘Encounters with Ancient Britons in Romantic-era Tours of Wales’


7th March                    DOUBLE BILL: Caitlyn Brinkman-Schwartz (St Antony’s) ‘Fashioning Irishness: Celts, heroes and Irish clothing at the turn of the twentieth century’


Llewelyn Hopwood (Corpus), ‘Writing in English, spelling in Welsh: what and why? A brief analysis of English poetry in “Welsh orthography” in the late Middle Ages’