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Pathology: Journals & Proceedings

Guide to Oxford University library resources, facilities and services for students and staff in Pathology.
Subjects: Pathology

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Electronic Journals

The Bodleian Libraries subscribe to over 28,000 e-journals. These are listed by title on SOLO or the OU e-journals list.

If you are OFF CAMPUS you will have to login using your Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO). Additional details on setting up your SSO account can be found on the OUCS website.

Printed Journals

The RSL houses physical copies of some science journals, arranged in alphabetical order, from Level 8 down to Level 2. They cannot be borrowed, but photocopying and scanning facilities are avaialble using the PCAS service. Printed copies of journals are listed on SOLO. The location of a journal within the library can be found on the 'Location' tab in the SOLO record.

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Here are quick links to some of the key science e-journals we provide. You can find others by searching SOLO for print and e-version or the Oxford e-Journals list.

Conference Proceedings

You can search for conference proceedings through several services provided by the Bodleian Libraries:

Other Relevant LibGuides

Document Supply

If Oxford doesn't have the article or book you want, get hold of it with our Document Supply service (link below). It's cheaper than buying direct off the web!