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Reserving items which are out to other readers

Reserving items which are out to other readers

If you find an item which is out to another reader  (indicated by a due date) you can place a "hold" so that the items is reserved for you when it is returned to the Library.   

Please note - you can not reserve items:

  • which are currently available in the library or where another copy of the item is available in the same libary
  • which are kept in closed stacks. To order items from the closed stacks see placing a request for items in closed stacks
  • items in libraries for which you do not have membership

To place a hold request:

Placing a hold request for an item which is out to another reader is very similar to requesting an items from the closed stacks.  

Once you have found an items which is out to another reader:

  1. Sign on to SOLO using the options in the top right corner (see signing on to SOLO for more details)
  2. Click Hold 

  3. You will now see a "hold dialogue".   Note the "pick up location".   This is the library from which you will collect the items. 
  4. If you wish you can set a last interest date.   Please note that you reservation will be cancelled if it has not been returned to the library before your last interest date.
  5. You do not need to fill in the author, title, volume and notes sections.
  6. To check the progress of a hold or to cancel it choose My Account (top right), followed by Requests.


Once the item has arrived in the library/reading room and is available for you, it will move to the Loans section of My Account.  If we have a valid email address for you on file, you will receive an email notification that the item has arrived at this stage.