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SOLO - Search Oxford Libraries Online (Classic): FAQs

Help, feedback & workshops

Trying to find SOLO?

Chat to a Librarian:

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Email a Librarian:  Use our Ask an Oxford librarian service.  Alternatively for detailed help with searching in your subject area please contact your subject librarian.

SOLO workshops - Book a place at our Getting Started workshop.

Items which are not held in Oxford? - If you wish to use an item which is not held in Oxford, it may be possible to request an interlibrary loan

Catalogue errors - Please report any errors or correctionsto the Bibliographic Maintenance Team.

SOLO Feedback - Please use the SOLO feedback form to tell us what you think about the interface and the general SOLO user experience.

How can I sign on to SOLO?

To sign on to SOLO use the options in the top right hand corner. Current Oxford students and staff should choose Oxford SSO and log in with their Oxford Single Sign on. In most cases this is the same username and password which is used for Oxford email and Weblearn. If you have forgotten your SSO or need help with it please visit the OUCS Oxford username web site.

If you are not a current member of Oxford University choose non-Oxford members and log in using the barcode number on your Bodleian Libraries card as your username and the associated password. If you do not know your password please follow the instructions for setting Bodleian passwords.

How can I order items from the closed stacks?

  1. Sign on to SOLO using the options in the top right hand corner of the screen (Oxford SSO for current members of Oxford University and non-Oxford members for others). 
  2. Search the item that you wish to order and choose Hold on the right hand side.  This will pull up the Request dialogue.   
  3. Choose a pickup location from the drop down menu.    This is the Library or reading room where you will read the item. Please note that in most (though not all) cases you will need to read the item in the Library rather than borrowing it.    You may also change the "not needed after" date if you wish.  This is set to 6 months time by default and there is no need to change it unless you wish to.    Please note, that if you do change it, your order will be cancelled if the item has not be delivered by the chosen date.  i.e. if you choose today's date and the item can not be delivered until tomorrow, your order will be cancelled.  There is no need to fill in the author, title, volume and notes boxes unless you are ordering a periodical and have not been asked to select a volume already.
  4. Click Hold.
  5. You can check your hold requests by choosing My Account, Requests

When will the items that I have ordered from the closed stacks arrive?

This depends. Some items held in local bookstacks can be delivered very quickly. Items held in our book repository at Swindon will take a little longer. Please see the delivery schedule for more details. Once your item has arrived in the Library you will receive an email (as long as we have a current email address for you on file).  At this point the item will move from the Requests section of My Account to Loans.

Can I reserve an item which is on loan to someone else?

You can place a hold request on an item which is out on loan. To do so, follow the procedure for ordering an item from the closed stacks.

How can I export citations to bibliographic/reference management software (Endnote, RefWorks etc)?

Sign on to SOLO and add items to your e-Shelf by clicking the star item to the left of each item. Click e-shelf at the top of the screen to visit your e-shelf and select the items you want to export, then open the Push to RefWorks drop down menu,  choose the bibliographic software that you wish to use and click on Go.  Currently SOLO can export references to Connotea, Delicious, RefWorks and EndNote Web.

How can I find the most recent version/edition of a work?

Once you have a list of results you can use the Sorted by drop down menu at the top of the results list to sort by date-newest.    If multiple versions of a work have been grouped together in your results you will need to click View all ## versions.  You will then need to change the Sorted by option to date-newest again - as this setting will not be carried forward when you open a set of versions.

How can I print or email a list of results?

Add each item to your e-Shelf by clicking the star icon to the left of the record. Click e-shelf at the top of the screen to go to your e-shelf and select the items you want to print/email. Click "E-mail" or "Print" as appropriate and complete the relevant options.

How can I renew my books?

Sign on to SOLO using the options in the top right hand corner of the screen (Oxford SSO for current members of Oxford University and non-Oxford members for others). Once you have signed on choose My Account.  You will see a list of items that are on loan to you plus items that you have ordered using a hold request which are currently being held for you in reading rooms (i.e. items from the closed stacks and reservations).  Click Renew next to individual items or to renew all items click Renew All.

How can I search for items in a particular library?

There are two ways to limit your results to a particular library. The first is to choose the library from the "All libraries / collections" menu prior to carrying out your search. This will give results from that library, plus accessible online resources. The second option is to carry out a search and then to choose a library from the list in the "Refine my results" options that run down the left hand side of the screen. This will give results from that library without online resources.

How can I see more than 10 items on the screen at once?

Sign on to SOLO using the options in the top right hand corner of the screen (Oxford SSO for current members of Oxford University and non-Oxford members for others). Once you have signed on choose My Account, followed by Personal Settings.  Under Display settings on the right of the screen select the number of items that you would like to see on screen.

How can I limit my search by date?

To limit your search by publication date choose Advanced Search. Then choose publication date from the drop down menu.  Follow the examples below to search for specific time periods:

  • a specific year =  key in the year e.g. 1760
  • a decade  = use the wildcard e.g. 176? will find 1760, 1761, 1762, 1763 etc.  
  • a century = use two wildcard e.g. 17?? will find any year between 1700 and 1799
  • a date range = use the boolean operator OR and wildcards together
    e.g. 176? OR 177? OR 178? will find all items between 1760 and 1789, 17?? OR 18?? would find any items between 1700 and 1899. Please note that the OR must be in capitals.

For guidance on using SOLO for early printed books please see Rare Books in the Bodleian Library?

How can I ask a question which is not on the list?

Library staff will be happy to help you with queries. Please see help and feedback for options for contacting us with SOLO queries.