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Trinity College Library: Using the Library

Subjects: College Libraries

Computers and I.T.

The Library is entirely wireless enabled. The Lower Library also has ethernet points for your laptop. If you need an ethernet cable please contact the I.T. Manager, Alastair Johnson. Information on adding the library printer to your laptop is here.

There are 6 library pcs in the Lower Library. You will need your Trinity username and password to log on to these.





Printing, photocopying and scanning

There is a joint photocopier / printer /scanner (black and white / A4) in a small room off the Lower Library - next to the library pcs. Printing, photocopying and scanning are all free to college members but please do not waste paper!


How to borrow

You will normally be given a membership of Trinity Library before your course starts. Contact the Librarian if this is not the case (If you are not a member you will get an error message when trying to borrow using the self-issue terminal).

The Library is self-service. To borrow a book, use the self-issue terminal next to the Library entrance. You will need your University Card. Follow the instructions on the screen  - and contact the Librarian if you have any problems. If the Librarian is not available use the signing out sheet next to the self-issue terminal. The Librarian will add the books to your record later.

You can borrow up to 30 books at a time, for 28 days. Books can also be borrowed for the whole vacation period

If you try to remove a book from the Library without issuing it you will set off the alarm. This will also trigger a cctv recording. Please contact the Librarian as soon as possible if this happens, unless it was caused by using the sign out sheet.

Note: You are responsible for books issued in your name, even if you have lent them to another student.



Returning and renewing books

To return a book, use the self return option on the self issue terminal. Choose 'check in', pile the books on the scanner pad, check that they have correctly checked in, place the books in the book return box. If you have any problems with this then find me in the library office or email me.

Books can be renewed online through SOLO. There is no limit to the number of renewals unless the book has been requested by another reader, in which case it should be returned asap.

Although there are no fines for overdue books please do renew books in a timely manner or return them if they no longer needed. You will be charged for any lost books.


Using books in the Library

If you are using the Library to study please follow these guidelines:

  • Space in the Library is limited. Please only use one desk. If you are using the Library on a regular basis and wish to leave your books on a desk fill in a 'please leave these books' form (availalbe near the self-issue terminal or Library office). Do not leave personal belongings unattended. Leave the books as tidy as possible when not in use. Filling in a form does not reserve the desk for your sole use.
  • If you are using a book in the Library for more than a day, and it is not issued out to you, please fill in a slip with the class number and your desk number and leave this on the shelf  where the book would be kept.
  • Books which are no longer needed can be left on the shelving trolleys in the Upper and Lower Library. If the book is issued to you it must be placed in the book return box in the Library basement.
  • Hot desks - situated near the entrance of the Upper Library and also in the Lower Library - will be cleared daily. Please do not leave items there unattended.