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English Language: a short guide to online resources: Text analysis tools

Subjects: English

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If you have a text, for example retrieved from a database like LION, you can run that through a text analysis tool and get information or see patterns that may otherwise be difficult to spot.

Concordance tools - search for a word or phrase and see all instances in your text, displayed with a limited amount of context

  • Antconc - a tool that you install locally and use to explore texts in various ways, for example by creating concordances, word lists and collocations.
  • LexTutor  - a set of tools that you can use on pre-loaded texts or material that you add. Includes a concordance program, word list functions and much more.
  • Taporware (wide range of specialist text analysis tools)

Other tools/sets of different tools

Word Class Taggers

Word class taggers - a tool that will analyse the words in your text and mark this part of speech.

These are two taggers available for free online:

The CCG POS tagger results look like this, with a key below the extract:

Text used:

Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849:  The Tell-Tale Heart (Penguin Classics)
Cambridge 2011
ProQuest Information and Learning
Penguin Classics