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Core Resources for Statistics and Probability: Books

Subjects: Mathematics, Statistics

Statistics Books

Core shelfmarks for statistics include -

QA 1 - 939 Mathematics

QA 273 - 280 Probabilities. Mathematical Statistics

Other statistics books will be found under individual subjects.You should also check with supervisors, tutors and reading lists for further suggestions for books to consult. Further statistics books may also be found at the Statistics Library (please note, the Statistics Library is only accessible by members of the Statistics Department).

Electronic Legal Deposit

You may find items on SOLO with an 'online access is restricted' notice. The Bodleian receives a copy of every item published in the UK and the Republic of Ireland through "legal deposit" legislation  Items which are received electronically are subject to restrictions:

  • They may only be used on Bodleian Libraries' workstations (not your own computer)
  • You may not save these items or copy and paste from them
  • Only one person at a time can view each item

Many of these items are also available as regular e-journals or e-books which face far fewer restrictions.  To avoid restricted items look out for the green Online access label.

Find out more about Legal Deposit and finding alternative copies of restricted items.

E-Books and Monographic Series

The Bodleian Librararies provide access to a range of electronic books. Below is a list of those relevent to Statistics. Most can all be found by searching SOLO.

Book Recommendations

Your recommendations are welcome.

Other Relevant Guides