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Labour & employment law: Books

Subjects: Law

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Finding texts on the topic

The LawBod uses Library of Congress subject headings, sometimes you have to use US spelling or terminology eg to find general works on English employment law you have to use Labor laws and legislation -- Great Britain to find works on Trade Unions use Labor Unions - law and legislation.

Printed resources

The principal shelfmarks in the English labour law collection are:

KN190 Industrial law and relations
KN191 Right to work
KN191.2 Discrimination
KN191.3 Equal opportunities
KN192 Employment
KN192.1 Contracts of employment
KN192.2 Employment protection
KN193 Conditions of employment
KN194 Remuneration
KN195 Trade unions, associations etc
KN196 Trade negotiations & disputes
KN197 Unemployment
KN198 Health & Safety at work

Works on labour law for other jurisdictions will be shelved among the general textbooks (with 510 in the shelf mark) for that jurisdiction.

Law Library: Reserve Collection

When you search SOLO for texts you may find - especially if the text is recommended on an undergrad reading list - that the location is shown as "Law Library Reserve Collection."  Armed with your University Card/Reader's Ticket, please ask for these books at the Reserve Collection desk in the Reading Room and they will be issued to you for use in the Library.

Recent arrivals

E-book to get you thinking!

The LawBod also has this work in hardcopy - at Jurisp 510 D251.2a