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Labour & employment law: USA

Subjects: Law

Texts on topic

Current monographs are shelved in the K shelf mark sequence. U4 in the third line of the shelf mark indicates where the work is about Canadian law.

For further help with this jurisdiction

US Labour law online resources

Workplace Prof Blog

"Workplace Prof Blog is designed for law school professors teaching Employment Law, Employment Discrimination, Labor Law, Benefits, and related courses. The goal of the blog is to provide daily information on topics related to scholarship and teaching, and to help professors get to know each other better by profiling new employment/labor law professors and highlighting the recent accomplishments of established professors. Typical postings list recently-published scholarship, provide information about upcoming conferences and symposia, discuss pertinent news and legal developments, highlight new job opportunities, and review new teaching materials."

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ALI Restatement

Holders of an Oxford SSO can read this online in the US section of Westlaw UK

Employer Law Report

Blog from firm of Porter Wright’s Labor and Employment Department

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Screw you guys, I'm going home

Written by Donna Ballman "Employee-side employment lawyer hoping to keep you informed about your workplace rights so you don't need one."

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