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Labour & employment law: Legislation

Subjects: Law

For the time poor ...

The Law Bod has titles which try to keep pace with developments.

One such is Blackstone's statutes on employment law - this title is at KN192.BLA 

But remember to check in case there has been subsequent amendments or more recent legislation. 


Legislation - whether it be in the form of act of Parliament or statutory instrument - has, since the late (20th, become the dominant source of English labour law.

Holders of an Oxford SSO must always use a subscription database to be sure of finding the current (amended/consolidated) text of UK legislation.

Printed resources

General Public Acts and Measures   : Classmark: Cw UK 10

This is the official printed copy of statutes as originally promulgated.  These are arranged by year and are not amended.

Halsbury's Statutes : Classmark: Cw UK 30H196a

Multi - volume work arranged by broad subject area.  Has statutes as amended and annotated with a looseleaf updating service.

Current Law Statutes annotated :  Classmark: CW UK 020 C976
From 1947 onwards.  Arranged by year.  Contains statutes as originally enacted with annotations.

Halsbury's Statutory Instruments: Classmark: Cw UK 090 S797.4b

Arranged by broad subject these have summaries of statutory intruments with some major instruments being reprinted in full.

Electronic resources