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Intellectual Property Law: IP Law

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Another Bodleian libguide - written by colleague in the RSL - will help with technicalities of patents.


IP Law Quick Start

 Intellectual property materials can be found in a number of different areas of the Bodleian Law Library.
If you are interested in

  • English IP law: Floor 2, shelf marks KN111 to KN118
  • International IP: Floor 3, shelf marks beginning Internat
  • European Union law: Floor 3 shelf marks beginning Euro Comm
  • Multi-jurisdictional/comparative studies: Floor 2, shelf marks General.
  • Single foreign jurisdictions: monographs are shelved according to the country not the topic eg shelf marks beginning USA or France or China. Please ask a member of staff as foreign collections involve 3 floors!

The Law Bod now has some material from the former Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre (OIPRC) collection, which had previously been housed at St Peter's College. Most of these materials can be found in the rolling cases on Floor 0.

This is how the Law Society describes Intellectual Property Law:

"Intellectual property law provides a framework to protect the legal rights of writers, artists, inventors, traders and others. This protection may be by copyright over artistic works, by a registered patent in an invention or by a registered trademark for a sign such as a logo."

According to the Intellectual Property Office website, there are four different types of IP:

  • Patents - the way a product works
  • Designs - the look of a product or logo
  • Trademarks - signs or logos that distinguish a product
  • Copyright - applies to any recorded work

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