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Frisian: Manuscripts

Frisian language and literature
Subjects: Frisian

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Bodleian Library, Western Mansucripts Department

Bodleian Library, Imaging Services

Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library (Special Collections) holds several Old Frisian and Middle Frisian manuscripts as part of the Junius Manuscripts.Images of (parts of) manuscripts may be requested from the Imaging Services.

Old Frisian:

Codex Unia which contains the core Old Frisian texts is now available as an electronic text edition with images on

Ms.Junius 49 contains Junius' Apographa from the former Codex Unia, as well as some texts from Codex Roorda and Codex Fivelgo (both in Tresoar, Ljouwert).

Ms.Junius 109 is a copy of the incunable 'Freeska Landriucht' with Junius' collations from the former Codex Unia

Gysbert Japicx:

The Bodleian Library holds the following Gysbert Japicx manuscripts:

Ms Junius 115a: contains Wobbelke, the only known poem in Gysbert's own hand, and various poems by Gysbert copied by Franciscus Junius.

Ms Junius 122: includes two copies of De Friessche Tjerne, one with Gysbert's handwriting on the title page.

Read the blog for more information about the poet Gysbert Japicx' work in Oxford on the Taylor Institution Library website




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