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Anthropology: Using online resources

A guide to resources for anthropologists at Oxford.

Bibliographic Databases

Anthropology Plus is an abstracting and indexing database combining references from both Anthropological Literature (Harvard) and the Anthropological Index (RAI/UK). A wide array of material (not all of it immediately available in Oxford) is covered from the late 19th century onwards.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences is an abstract and indexing services hosted on the Proquest platform.

Web of Science Core collection includes Science Citation Index and Social Science Citation Index.  This is an abstracting and indexing service.  It also contains citation information, so can be used to find high impact articles on a topic.

Online Resources and Primary Sources

Anthropology, provided by Alexander Street Press, brings together a wide range of written ethnographies, field notes, seminal texts, memoirs, and contemporary studies, covering human behavior the world over. This is the most comprehensive resource for the study of social and cultural life yet created. Cross-searchable with Ethnographic Video Online, Alexander Street’s collection of classic and contemporary films for the anthropology classroom, Anthropology Online provides sociologists, anthropologists, cultural historians, and others with complete works of the key practitioners and theorists alike throughout the discipline.

While Ethnographic Video Online is a video encyclopedia of humanity, Anthropology Online is the full-text equivalent, covering all areas of the discipline, including cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, applied anthropology, visual anthropology, archaeology, urban anthropology, medical anthropology, and physical anthropology. Works from major publisher catalogs include Oxford University Press, Waveland Press, Westview Press, Princeton University Press, and many more.

Informit Indigenous Collection - The primary focus is material fromand about the Asia Pacific region.  Full text available.
World Cultures - Information on all aspects of cultural and social life.

Where to search

OxLip+ is the platform for searching Oxford's online collections of databases. It can also be used for searching for e-journals.

WorldCat is a global union catalogue of books, web resources, and other material, covering over 40 million records catalogued by major university, research, national and public libraries.

COPAC is a catalogue for major academic and research libraries in the UK. This is a useful place to search for materials which are not in OLIS or available online. Items can be obtained on inter-library loan.

For web resources on specific regions and themes (e.g. medical anthropology) click on the drop-down menus above.

There is a libguide with detailed information for finding and connecting to e-resources and e-journals using OXLIP+.