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Research Guide for Materials Science: Finding full-text articles

Finding Conference Papers

The following Series of Conference Proceedings in full-text.

AIP Conference Proceedings 

ACM Digital Library (Conference Proceedings)

ACS Symposium Series (printed only)

British Standards Online

Conference Proceedings Citation Index (WoK)

ECS Transactions - Electrochemical Society 

IEEE Conference Proceedings and Standards

MSR Symposia Proceedings (print copies)

and more ...

Remote Access

You can access almost all electronic resources remotely.
Search SOLO for a resource name. Login using your SSO credentials,
and follow the title link to an online resource.

Alternatively search Oxlip+ portal, sign in with your SSO credentials.
Follow link to an online database or a journal website.
Full-text articles are available online.

Exceptionally, you may need to use VPN to access a resource remotely.
Contact IT Services for Registration and Help with installing VPN software.

Electronic Journals

The University Libraries subscribe to an extensive collection of science and technology e-journals. There are also large collections of printed books, printed journals, mainly past issues. Small number of additional print only science titles are held on open shelves at Radcliffe Science Library.

Search for journals in SOLO discovery platform, to find out if it is available at Oxford.
To search for e-journals ONLY follow OU e-journals link (top of the SOLO page).
Search by journal title, and follow link to publishers website for full-text article.


Oxford Research Archive (ORA) includes Oxford E-theses from 2006 onwards, and articles submitted by Oxford University authors.

If you want to submit article or a dissertation to ORA follow instructions on the web site.

Search ORA institutional repository for full-text articles. 

Search SOLO for Oxford Doctoral Dissertations (printed and electronic).

Repositories, e-print servers, archives

Archives, subject repositories, e-print servers and institutional repositories are addtional sources of full-text articles and other publications.

arXiv e-print server 
Open access to e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics

SAO/NASA/Astronomical Data Service (ADS)
The ADS maintains three bibliographic databases containing more than 11.0 million records covering publications in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics, and the arXiv e-prints

CDS - National Chemistry Database Service funded by the EPSRC and hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry is a ‘free at the point of access’ facility for all members (students and academics) of UK academic institutions (includes the CSD -Cambridge Structural Database System)

ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database providing fast text and structure search access to over 32 million structures.

CERN Articles & Preprints - the collection contains something like 400,000 documents, out of which about 50% can be accessed electronically.

CORE portal  (COnecting REpositories)  includes more than 20 million articles from scientific publications aggregated from Open Access Repositories (OARs)

inSPIRE -HEP-HEP Data  High Energy Physics databases 

Europe PubMedCentral, PubMed Central, UK PMC are full text article resources for biomedical and life sciences.

Zenodo is a respository of research outputs from across all fields of science, stored at CERN