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Research Guide for Chemistry: Finding full-text articles

A guide to research resources for Chemistry

Search for Conference Proceedings

Oxford University subscribes to an extensive collection of e-journals and series of conference proceedings.

Conference Proceedings - Series

Series of Conference Proceedings:

ACS Symposium Series - print copy at RSL

ACM Digital Library  

AIP Conference Proceedings 

IEEE/IET Conference Proceedings

Electrochemical Society - ECS Transactions

RSC - Special Publications - print only at RSL

and more ...

Electronic Journals

Oxford University subscribes to an extensive number of e-journals including the major collections from reknowned publishers and societies. Search our e-journals portal by journal title and follow links to full-text articles.

Oxford Research Archive - ORA

Oxford Research Archive (ORA) includes Oxford E-theses from 2006 onwards, and articles submitted by Oxford University authors.

Search ORA institutional repository for full-text articles.

If you want to submit article or a dissertation to ORA follow instructions on the web site.

Remote Access

You can access almost all electronic resources remotely.
Search SOLO for a resource name. Login using your SSO credentials,
and follow the title link to an online resource.

Alternatively search Oxlip+ portal, sign in with your SSO credentials.
Follow link to an online database or a journal website.
Full-text articles are available online.

Exceptionally, you may need to use VPN to access a resource remotely.
Contact IT Services for Registration and Help with installing VPN software.

Repositories, e-print servers, archives...

Archives, subject repositories, e-print servers and institutional repositories are addtional sources of full-text articles and other publications.

CDS - National Chemistry Database Service funded by the EPSRC and hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry is a ‘free at the point of access’ facility for all members (students and academics) of UK academic institutions (includes the CSD -Cambridge Structural Database System)

ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database providing fast text and structure search access to over 32 million structures.

CERN Articles & Preprints - the collection contains something like 400,000 documents, out of which about 50% can be accessed electronically.

CORE portal  (COnecting REpositories)  includes more than 20 million articles from scientific publications aggregated from Open Access Repositories (OARs)

inSPIRE -HEP-HEP Data  High Energy Physics databases 

Europe PubMedCentral, PubMed Central, UK PMC are full text article resources for biomedical and life sciences.

Zenodo is a respository of research outputs from across all fields of science, stored at CERN