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ORA: Oxford University Research Archive: Contact ORA

A guide to using ORA for storing and disseminating digital copies of Oxford research publications including theses

Contact ORA

The current ORA review team consists of two Research Archive Assistants and four Metadata Assistants led by the Research Archive Librarian, Sarah Barkla.   

If you have comments or queries about ORA please contact us at:
ORA Helpdesk Tel: (01865) (2) 83809

Research Archive Librarian 

Sarah Barkla
Tel: (01865) (2) 83824

Research Archive Assistants 

Jason Partridge
David Watson

Metadata Assistants

Tuula Lindgren
Hilary Tricker
Thomas Stanbury
Alan McKechnie


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The Bodleian Libraries
Osney One Building
Osney Mead

Oxford Research Archive






Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) is an institutional repository for the University of Oxford and is home to the scholarly output of its research members. It holds publications, theses and research data.

ORA Helpdesk:

Email us:

Call us:
01865 (2)83809