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Bodleian K B Chen China Centre Library Guide: Requesting books from Bodleian Closed Stacks using S.O.L.O.

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C.C.L. Reserve Room

This is where books requested from the Bodleian Closed stacks are kept all the time while readers use them in the China Centre Library. The books are arranged in alphabetical order of readers' surnames and readers can take them off these shelves to consult them anywhere in the Library only. Readers should keep these books on these shelves while they are not in the Library and overnight. Any of these books left out in the Library overnight, will be re-shelved the following morning by library staff. When the books are no longer required, readers should place them in the cardboard 'Returns box' in the C.C.L. Reserve Room. Library staff will then process them for return to the Closed Stacks and this will automatically delete them from readers' library records. 

Instructions for requesting books from Bodleian Closed Stacks via personal login on S.O.L.O.

Chinese books can be requested from the Closed Stacks using the Bodleian Allegro catalogue at ''. Simply find the book on the Allegro and click on 'order this book' by the shelfmark. This then links you through to the anglicized record on SOLO where you can request the books in the usual way from the Closed Stacks.

C.C.L.Reserve Room

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