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Art and Architecture: Archive

The Sackler Library is the premier research library for the study of art and architecture at the University of Oxford. It incorporates the libraries formerly housed at the History of Art Department and the Ashmolean Museum.


Martin Kauffmann
Department of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts
Bodleian Libraries

Edgar Wind's Oxford lectures and classes

Based on documents in the Wind Archive.

Edgar Wind's Archive

Edgar Wind banner

Edgar Wind portrait

 Edgar Marcel Wind
 Unknown photographer
© Warburg Institute, London

Edgar Wind's Archive

The papers of Edgar Wind were deposited with the Bodleian Library by his widow, Margaret Wind, following her death.  Contained in approximately 250 boxes, these papers are held by the Bodleian Libraries' Department of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts.  For the most part, they comprise notes and correspondence relating to the various research, publishing and teaching projects in which Wind was engaged.  

Link here to the Catalogue of the Edgar Wind Papers.


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