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20th Century International History Archives at Oxford University: Asia (N-Z)

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Asia (N-Z)

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Nathan, Sir Matthew, 1868-1939

Palmer, Roundell Cecil, 3rd Earl of Selborne, 1849-1968

Perham, Dame Margery Freda, 1844-1980

Phillips, A. Reginald, 1907-1922

Phillips, Ivan Lloyd, 1931-1984

Reilly, Sir D'Arcy Partick, 1885-1999

Shannon, Godfrey Boyd, 1931-1959

Smith, Trafford CMG, 1938-1975

Swabey, Christopher, 1928-1971

Tegart, Sir Charles Augustus, 1920-1942

Turner, Robert Noel, 1912-1976

Waddell, Alexander Nicol Anton, 1950-1963

Wardrop, Sir Oliver, 1919-1920

Watts, William John, 1950-1960

Winston, William Peter, 1937-1959

Worthington-Evans, Sir Laming, 1895-1931

Young, Sir Arthur Edwin, 1951-1954