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20th Century International History Archives at Oxford University: Europe

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Addison, Christopher, 1st Viscount Addison, c.1895-1951

Africa Educational Trust, 1958-1975

Ashleigh, Charles, 1965

Asquith, Herbert Henry, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, 1892-1928

Attlee, Clement Richard, 1st Earl Attlee, 1915-1960

Battershill, Sir William Denis, 1908-1959

Belgian Refugee Committee, 1914-1920

Beveridge, William, 1933-1943

Brown, George Alfred, Baron George-Brown, 1914-1985

Clifford, Sir Geoffrey Miles, 1930-1978

Crowe, Sir Eyre, 1880-1925

Elections, 1945-1987

Enright, Derek, 1979-1985

Ferris, John William, 1947-1967

First World War Printed Collection, c.1913-1920

Gammans, Sir Leonard David, and Lady Ann Muriel, 1916-1971

Greenwood, Arthur and Anthony, 1846-1995

Haggard, John George, 1883-1908

Jerusalem and East Mission, 1827-2012

Lindemann, Frederick Alexander, Lord Cherwell, 1899-1957

Loveday, Alexander, 1908-1960

MacDonnell, Antony Patrick, 1st Baron MacDonnell of Swinford, 1859-1925

Macmillan, Maurice Harold, 1st Earl of Stockton, 1947-1974

Nyabongo, Prince Hosea Akiki K., c.1932-1938

O'Neill, Sir Con, 1964-1987

Phillips, Ivan Lloyd, 1931-1984

Reilly, Sir D'Arcy Partick, 1885-1999

Ryan, Sir Andrew, 1895-1958

Seely, John Edward Bernard, 1st Baron Mottistone, 1876-1965

Selby, Sir Walford, 1900-1965

Smith, Trafford CMG, 1938-1975

Wilson, James Harold, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx

Worthington-Evans, Sir Laming, 1895-1931