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20th Century International History Archives at Oxford University: America

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Ashleigh, Charles, 1965

Asquith, Herbert Henry, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, 1892-1928

Battershill, Sir William Denis, 1908-1959

Beveridge, William, 1933-1943

Boumphrey, Robert Staveley, 1939-1965

Clark, William Donaldson, 1933-1985

Clifford, Sir Geoffrey Miles, 1930-1978

Collings, Alan, 1947-1979

Food and Cash Crops in the British Commonwealth, 1945-1980

Gammans, Sir Leonard David, and Lady Ann Muriel, 1916-1971

Heussler, Professor Robert William, 1962-1984

Howard-Drake, Jack Arthur, 1949-1964

Loveday, Alexander, 1908-1960

Murphy, Sir William Lindsay,1911-1983

Perham, Dame Margery Freda, 1844-1980

Phillips, A. Reginald, 1907-1922

Shaw, Sir John Valentine W., 1924-1955

Smith, Sir Allan Chalmers, 1926-1955

Smith, Trafford CMG, 1938-1975

Swabey, Christopher, 1928-1971

Thompson, Willoughby Harry, 1963-1974

Turner, Robert Noel, 1912-1976

Wainwright, Robert Everard, 1935-1965

Wilson, James Harold, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx