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20th Century International History Archives at Oxford University: N-S

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Namibia Support Committee, 1967-1993

Nathan, Sir Matthew, 1868-1939

Nyabongo, Prince Hosea Akiki K., c.1932-1938

O'Neill, Sir Con, 1964-1987

Palmer, Roundell Cecil, 3rd Earl of Selborne, 1849-1968

Parkin, R. C., 1951-1964

Perham, Dame Margery Freda, 1844-1980

Pestell, Sir John Richard, 1965-1994

Philby, Harry St. John Bridger, c. 1902-1957

Phillips, A. Reginald, 1907-1922

Phillips, Ivan Lloyd, 1931-1984

Reilly, Sir D'Arcy Partick, 1885-1999

Rey, Sir Charles Fernand, c.1899-1968

Ryan, Sir Andrew, 1895-1958

Saunders, Alan, 1935-1937; 1946-1951

Seely, John Edward Bernard, 1st Baron Mottistone, 1876-1965

Selby, Sir Walford, 1900-1965

Shannon, Godfrey Boyd, 1931-1959

Shaw, Sir John Valentine W., 1924-1955

Smith, Sir Allan Chalmers, 1926-1955

Smith, Arthur Lionel Forster, 1920-1931; 1959-1960

Smith, George Ivan,1888-1995

Smith, Trafford CMG, 1938-1975

Spears, Sir Edward Louis, 1941-1970

Stober, William E., 1870-1995

Swabey, Christopher, 1928-1971

Sweeney, Patrick Brian, 1933-1965