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20th Century International History Archives at Oxford University: A-B

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Abdülmecid II, 1920

Adamson, Richard, 1919-1920

Addison, Christopher, 1st Viscount Addison, c.1895-1951

Addison, Herbert, 1920-1973

Africa Bureau and related organisations, 1952-1978

Africa Educational Trust, 1958-1975

African Trade Unions, 1949-1969

Allard, William, 1967

Allen, Geoffrey Francis, 1947-1952

Allenby, Edmund Henry Hynman, 1st Viscount Allenby of Megiddo, 1918-1925

Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1956-1998

Archer, Charles Kenneth, 1919-1952

Ashleigh, Charles, 1965

Asquith, Herbert Henry, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, 1892-1928

Attlee, Clement Richard, 1st Earl Attlee, 1915-1960

Bantock, J.R. Granville, 1920-1939

Batterbee, Sir Harry Fagg, 1939-1945

Battershill, Sir William Denis, 1908-1959

Beatty, David, 1856 and 1899-1926

Belgian Refugee Committee, 1914-1920

Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian, 1914-1966

Beveridge, William, 1933-1943

Bishop Ambrose Reeves Trust, 1965-1996

Blake, Major C. H. F., 1942-1960

Booth, Paul Henry Gore-, Baron Gore-Booth, 1909-1984

Boumphrey, Robert Staveley, 1939-1965

Bourdillon, Sir Bernard Henry, 1905-1983

Boustead, Sir John Edmund Hugh, 1940-1941, 1949-1961

Bowman, Humphrey Ernest, 1903-1954

Brewer, Frank, 1948-1959

British Records Association (Australia), 1842-1910

Brown, George Alfred, Baron George-Brown, 1914-1985