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Social Policy and Intervention: Data & Statistics


Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)

A multidisciplinary and cross-national panel database of microdata on health, socio-economic status and social and family networks from 20 European countries (+Israel) aged 50 or older.
The SHARE data can be downloaded from the SHARE Research Data Center or GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences under certain conditions.

Global Data

The Global Health Observatory (GHO) database is the WHO's main health statistics repository. You can find a range of health topics like mortality, the burden of disease, infectious diseases, risk factors and health expenditures.
Internet-based data service bringing UN statistical databases within easy reach of users through a single entry point.
World Development Indicators (WDI) & Global Development Finance (GDF) 
Access data directly via the Databank or browse the Data catalogue.

UK Data Service and Data Archive

UK Data Service

A unified point of access to data from ESDS, Census Programme, Secure Data Service, and others.

Get data  ⋄  Use data   ⋄   Deposit data   ⋄   Manage data

UK Data Archive

Curator of the largest collection of digital data in the social sciences and humanities in the UK, provides a range of services supporting creators and users of social and economic data.

Create & Manage Data    ⋄    Deposit Data    ⋄    Find Data

Bodleian Data Library

The Bodleian Data Library provides a range of services for researchers and students at the University of Oxford who need to make secondary use of statistics and data, with the initial focus on the social sciences -
  • supports researchers and students in finding, accessing and using social science statistics and data;
  • manages the access and curation of restricted and sensitive datasets which may not be networked including data supplied by Eurostat;
  • offers a new data brokering and clearing house service for the acquisition of datasets by research centres in the Social Sciences Division;
  • provides consultancy services and highlights training opportunities;
  • alerts researchers to new sources of data.

For data enquiries and help please email, or contact the Data Librarian direct:
John Southall (tel.: 01865 285936) at Bodleian Social Science Library.

OECD iLibrary provides comprehensive access to statistical databases and series plus full-text books, periodicals and reports released by the OECD, OECD Development Centre, PISA, and ITF containing new and unique citation tool for datasets and tables.



Key Tables

Country tables


OECD Factbook


Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

The largest social science data archive in the world offering more containing research data for US and international micro data.

Social Policy and Practice

A comprehensive database of evidence based practice contains abstracts from journals, books and research reports on:
  • Children and young people
  • Families and parenting
  • Older people
  • Community health
  • Homelessness
  • Disability and special needs
  • Social work
  • Community safety
  • Equalities

National Social Policy and Social Change Archive

The collection includes a range of well-known pioneering classic studies from the social sciences.

biobank UK UK Biobank

A national and international health resource open to all bona fide health researchers. UK Biobank is following the health and well-being of 500,000 volunteer participants and provides health information, which does not identify them, to approved researchers in the UK and overseas.


The Pew Project conducts public opinion surveys around the world on a broad array of subjects ranging from people's assessments of their own lives to their views about the current state of the world and important issues of the day.


Surveys and studies address major topics concerning European citizenship: enlargement, social situation, health, culture, information technology, environment, the Euro, defence, etc.

UK Data Service

The large-scale UK & cross-national surveys and longitudinal studies are key data resources for understanding population structure and change for the UK and its component countries.

An African-led series of national public attitude surveys on democracy and governance in Africa.