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Placing Stack Requests

More About Stack Requests

If you want to know what time your stack request will arrive, have a look at the guide.

Top tip! Stack requests cannot be borrowed, think about the opening hours of the library you have it requested to and how these match with your study habits. 

If you want to keep your stack requests longer, simply renew them on SOLO the same way you renew all loans. You can see a video of how to renew on the SOLO guide.

Finding Books in the EFL

The EFL is in the process of re-classifying the whole collection into one classification scheme (the LCC scheme).
You can get some assistance on how to use the LCC scheme to find books by visiting our guide:



Accessing restricted items and electronic Legal Deposit

You may find items with a notice stating "Online access is restricted: available via Bodleian Libraries Reading Room PCs only". e.g.

SOLO screen shot showing electronic legal deposit restriction notice

These items are received through Legal Deposit legislation, which entitles the Bodleian Libraries to receive a copy of every item published in the UK & Ireland.  The Legal Deposit Act 2003 imposes a number of restrictions on these items including:

  • limiting access to Bodleian Libraries workstations only
  • restricting access to each item to one person at a time
  • prohibiting digital copying and saving including copying and pasting

Many electronic Legal Deposit items are also available as regular e-journals/ e-books which are subject to fewer restrictions.   Click How else can I get this? to find an alternative copy.      

SOLO screen shot showing "how else can I get this" option for electronic legal deposit items

>Find our more about electronic Legal Deposit and how to find alternative copies with fewer restrictions (includes video tutorial option)